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Mapping VSTs with Control studio

Submitted by scottrotton on Tue, 11/14/2023 - 09:15
Control Surface Studio User

So i recently purchased CSS, i already have a push 3 + some other midi controllers and wanted this to hook up a performance controller Traktor S8 with the aim to do the following.

Better control of VSTs, i was hoping I could map my most commonly used synths DIVA, Serum Spire etc. I ran into something with Ableton where the standard midi mapping applies to all tracks not just the ones that are armed, so i did some reach and found CSS which i believe would do what i want.

So far ive found some great tutorials and pretty cool stuff relating mainly to session view, but i already have push for that, not many of the videos mention how to do what im after which is control VSTs easily per armed track, so map the main parameters for each synth with as minimal effort as possible and not have to have a midi controller per VST (ASDR, Filters, OSC1, OS2 etc.

I believe the best way would be to somehow create an instrument rack which has 16 of macros assigned, i them map and save each VST to that, seems rather limited to have only 16 macros available though.

Open to ideas if someone has done something similar?

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Forum Admin

As long as you have added the parameters of the VST to your device via the configure button on the device, then you can map/control them using the "Device parameter' mapping type.