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Device name conditional

Submitted by 5argon on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 07:31
Control Surface Studio User

Hello, I wondered if there is a way to program a conditional IF if the selected device is named as specific string before applying everything underneath? I have programmed Max 4 Live before and each device has a "system name" (usually similar to their display name, and is unchanged if user renamed it or not)

Example use case : A tailor-made device responsive control! Currently in a selected track and selected device, then I have to use "number" to refer to a parameter. Each device has its own parameters linearly assigned from number 1 onwards. And as a result for example, each device has its Dry/Wet parameter on a different number. If I could put an IF on outer level, then I could make Compressor's Dry/Wet on the same knob as Drum Buss's Dry/Wet. Of course I have to go and add IF exhaustively on every Live's built-in devices and maybe some of my VSTs but I would gladly do so.

Please see the attached image. I made it in Max 4 Live before finding out about Remotify. When I click on a specific device, the light would match the device's layout more intuitively. (So the Dry/Wet often lands on the bottom right corner, but not this one) I would love to remake this entirely in Remotify because I would like to utilize built-in effects more.

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Control Surface Studio User

Also an option to not use the system name but a user-renamed name would be extremely useful for device group where user likely rename it. For example when I select my SFX Creative Effects device I would like my entire Twister to change to something very optimal to work with just this big device.

Forum Admin


Although this isn't currently possible with CSS, we are / will be working on improvements to the Reactions mapping type and will investigate the possibilities of controlling device parameters based on names rather than parameter numbers.

Control Surface Studio User

I would like to bump this up as a request if it hasn't been done. I would love to select tracks by names. In my sets I often move things around to get a order for myself when playing live so using track numbers is very limiting for me. Also if I add tracks in to my set it screws up the numbering and all my mappings are off that use track number as reference. Love the software and thank you for making it easier. I started off trying to do this is python but the json file gets out of control very fast.

Forum Admin

Thanks YourOpponent, your requested has been noted!


Control Surface Studio User

@John C. While you can probably not make any guarantees or give specific dates, can you give a sense of how high on the development priority list the the "binding by Device name/type" feature is?

I have three device racks that I use consistently in all of my Ableton templates (recording/producing/performing). Depending on the template I'm using, they are in a different order in the device chain. One of them is basically a channel strip to replace the Console 1, so it is almost always the last in the chain.

I just purchased a custom Yaeltex controller and am evaluating tools to set it up the way I want. I'm very interested in CSS, as it looks more robust and user-friendly than other tools on the market. But this one feature is important to my design. Any info to hope me gauge likelihood of that feature in the relatively-near future would be appreciated.

Forum Admin

This should be possible to do in the impending update to Reactions - its still a little while off but hoping for a release by the middle of the year. Its a huge update hence the long time line.