Control Surface Studio

Advanced MIDI Mapping For Ableton Live

A desktop app for building MIDI scripts in Ableton Live 9, 10, 11.

"Ableton Live’s internal mapping mode is limited...
You can do much more with Control Surface Studio!"

Ever wondered why in Ableton Live, you can't map functionality like selected track control, red boxes or custom LED feedback to your MIDI Controller?

Controllers such as the APC40 and Ableton Push have it so why can't you add it to your own MIDI controller?

They use control surface scripts

Control surface scripts are a little known feature of Ableton Live which MIDI controllers use to connect to deeper functionality than regular mapping mode is capable of.

Python Code

Why not write these scripts yourself?

Script writing is largely undocumented, frustrating and extremely time consuming. Unless you’re an experienced Python Developer you probably won’t get far.

Why waste time trying to learn how to write code when you could be doing something more fun…
like making music?

What if you could create Control Surface Scripts without needing to write a single line of code?

Well now you can!

Build control surface scripts for any MIDI Controller

Control Surface Studio is an easy to use Desktop App for Mac & PC which gives you the ability to create your own custom control surface scripts for Ableton Live, without needing to write a single line of Code.

Create Scripts Visually. No Coding Required.

For Ableton Live 9, 10 and 11

Python Code

Create your perfect Ableton Live setup

Re-program your MIDI gear 
to control Ableton Live exactly how you need to.

Whether it's for performing on stage or in the studio.
Design and build a setup, unique to your own specific  requirements. 

Build a script in 3 steps

Control Surface Studio turns Ableton script creation
into a simple click and select process. 

1. Add the MIDI mappings you want in your script
2. Install it directly into Ableton Live from the App
3. Use the Script in all of your Ableton Live sessions

Control Surface Studio vs Live's Mapping Mode

Control Surface Studio gives you access to a lot of functionality missing from Ableton Live's own Mapping Mode.

Control Surface Studio
Ableton Live Mapping Mode

Selected Track Control

Dynamic control over all of your mixer, return, master and selected tracks.

Red Box / Clip Launch Box

Add a Red box of any size.
Set clip launch and mixer controls relative to its position.

Link Multiple Red Boxes together

Connect multiple MIDI Controllers together inside Live.
Move all Red boxes together as though they’re one giant Controller.

Save Mappings / Automapping

No need to re-map your controls every time you start a new Session in Live.
Scripts created in Control Surface Studio instantly Auto Map to your Controller.

Import and Export Mappings

Easily import and export Script configurations directly in the UI.
Export and share your mappings or import and edit other people’s.

Custom LED Feedback

Customise all RGB LED colors which are sent to your MIDI Controller from Live.
You can even choose which input to send them to.

Switch between Groups of Mappings

Create groups of mappings and switch between them.
Give every Input on your Controller many different functions, make your Controller do more!

Instant MIDI Controller switching

Change the MIDI Controller used by your Script.
All MIDI Data is instantly updated to work with the new Controller.

Dynamic Device Control

Dynamically target Devices.
No need to hard map your Controls to a specific Device.

Map more than 8 Device Parameters

Need to control more than 8 Device Parameters? you've got it!
Dynamically control every Parameter on a Device without needing to hard map to it.

Custom Device Parameter Banks

Create Parameter Banks of any size and switch between them. 1 set of knobs on your Controller can control unlimited groups of Parameter Banks.

Getting Started with Control Surface Studio

In this Video Tutorial, discover how to build your first custom Script with Control Surface Studio.
Click on the image to start the video or select a section below to jump to. 

Getting started video thumbnail

More Video Tutorials

Reactions Tutorials

Manage Multiple Scripts within the UI

Start a new Script.. in fact start many new Scripts and continue to refine them whenever you like. You’re creative and have lots of ideas, Control Surface Studio allows you to explore all of those ideas.

Arrange & re-arrange your Mappings

Utilise our smart Drag and Drop functionality to move Mappings and groups of mappings into the optimimum position. Control Surface Studio knows which Mappings can be nested in one another.

One-click installation into Live

No manual moving of files and folders needed. Simply click install, Control Surface Studio generates all of the code and places it in Live’s Scripts folder ready for use.

Active Community

Our buzzing Forum is filled with Producers and Performers just like you. They’re building their perfect Controller setups with Control Surface Studio and use the Forum to ask questions, share Scripts and ideas.

Ready to build your perfect script?

Control Surface Studio is a Desktop Application for Windows and Mac (an Internet Connection is required). 
There are no monthly payments, ongoing fees or usage limits.

Build unlimited MIDI Scripts that work with
Ableton Live 9, 10 and 11.

Lifetime Licence

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, after purchasing you feel that Control Surface Studio doesn't fulfill your expectations, we insist that you contact us via email to ask for a full refund.

And you can keep any scripts which you created with Control Surface Studio.

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