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Moving scripts from one computer to another

Submitted by daveberzack on Fri, 05/12/2023 - 04:15
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I have a Macbook Pro I'm setting up for a portable looping station. Let's just say it has issues and I can't install CSS. I installed CSS on my Windows Desktop and set up some scripts and got them working great in Ableton. I've made sure that the version number is the same on both machines (10.1.43) and then I copied the script folders from the desktop to the macbook. I'm using the same controllers with the same ports and midi values, and the scripts are loading into Live successfully, but it isn't triggering changes (it does on the desktop). Anyone have any ideas? I'm so close to having this awesome setup hooked up, and stumbling on the finish line. I'll gladly pay someone if they can get this to work.

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