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CSS 2.8 is now available!

Submitted by Remotify Team on Wed, 06/21/2023 - 16:06
Remotify Team
Forum Admin

Hi all,

We're super excited to announce that version 2.8 of Control Surface Studio is now available. Based on feedback from our amazing community of users, we've rebuilt the entire User Interface from the ground up with a focus on making the workflow more clear and simple to use...
Full details here: https://remotify.io/introducing-control-surface-studio-28-whole-new-user-interface

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Pro User

After downloading the M1-M2 version I get this error. Tried redownloading and restarting the computer.

Control Surface Studio User

John, the new version looks amazing! Before I upgrade, it would be great to know how 2.7 scripts are updated to the new version. Is there any cleanup in the process? Are old scripts converted to all the new features and layout? I imagine it's a good idea to make a new version of a script before altering in 2.8. And finally, if necessary, is it possible to revert back to 2.7?

Many thanks and congrats!

Control Surface Studio User

I get the same error as Oneiroi on my M1 Mac, tried redownloading and restarting as well

Control Surface Studio User

Also getting the same error on an M1 Mac.

The Intel version seems to open okay, presumably in rosetta

Forum Admin

Oneiroi: there seems to be an issue with the Mac gatekeeper. Working on fixing this.
rpacker: files for 2.7 are stored separately to 2.8 so you won't lose and can use both independently.

Forum Admin

With regards to Mac M1 giving the error:
"Control Surface Studio is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash"

It does appear to be an issue with Mac OS gatekeeper.
To get around this problem,

open the mac terminal and enter this:
sudo xattr -cr
(make sure to add a space after -cr)

Then drag and drop the control surface studio app into the terminal. The command should have updated to show something similar to this:
sudo xattr -cr /Applications/Control\ Surface\ Studio.app

Hit enter, then input your system password and hit enter again.
You should now be able to open the App without issue.

(More details and screenshots added here: https://remotify.io/installing-control-surface-studio)

Eyal Arav
Control Surface Studio User

please add 14 bit resolution for ableton fine adjustments! it will be a game changer

Pro User

The Terminal trick worked for me!

Is it normal however that all my script mappings have lost their modes?

Forum Admin

Great, glad that worked!

Regarding your modes question, yes if you imported from 2.7 to 2.8, you will need to reassign the modes to mappings.

Control Surface Studio User

@Eyal Arav if you want to, you can already use the 14-bit resolution encoders with the neat script Golden Frog supplied. It works really nicely!
You can find it at https://remotify.io/community/question/interpreting-relative-encoders#co...
Thanks for sharing Golden Frog!! :-)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi, after importing my scripts (Windows) i have following problems:

- all parts from any modes have to be reassigned. They all appear in mode 1, so if you havent named it according to modes good luck finding out what is what.

- all track numbers based on modifiers have to be done new
- all conditions (smaller/larger, matches Text etc) have to be done new

- The login screen doesnt remember password

- In my controllers there are encoders with errors for double mapping. But the doubles dont exist.

I basically can do my scripts again... please change the import System so older files get ported right.

Control Surface Studio User

the terminal command didn't work for me :(
Is there another tip ?

Control Surface Studio User

Glad to hear that a new version has been released.
Just downloaded and installed CSS 2.8.

What I noticed immediately after opening the new version for the second time is that the password in the login screen has to be re-entered every time the app is started.
That should definitely be changed, because it's no fun to have to re-enter the ell-long cryptic password sequence every time.

And there is something else that is annoying when starting CSS: It doesn't remember the window position and size after a restart.
Every time I launch it, the app opens full-size on my screen and I have to reset the position and size each time.
However, this problem already existed in CSS 2.7.

I'm very curious to see what the workflow is like with the new version.

Control Surface Studio User

Please make it so you can See our reactions on the left, so we still can see the controller template. I always have to close reactions to Check the button number and when i go back into the reaction im in a random position in the reaction....

Control Surface Studio User

I'm not complayining,merely reporting bugs, ok? :) Im loving the progress you guys are making, so just for you to know that this is what the app's settings and Remotify import page look like.

Control Surface Studio User

Those having problems on Apple - have you tried not double clicking the file but right/Ctrl clicking and selecting Open? Did the trick for me on Catalina..
Oh sorryyyy ommitted this in my previous post - those bugs are on an Intel mac running Catalina 12.5

Forum Admin

trololol...: "In my controllers there are encoders with errors for double mapping. But the doubles dont exist."
This is a problem with the data in the json file carried over from 2.7.

I've just created a tool you can use to 'clean up' your controller templates which have this issue:
Just upload the problem controller template and download the cleaned version.

With regards to passwords, these are no longer being stored in 2.8 onwards.

And with regards to reactions displaying over the controller template, unfortunately this is the way it's going to be for the foreseeable future.

Forum Admin

If you're experiencing installation issues. Troubleshooting steps here: https://remotify.io/installing-control-surface-studio
(currently for Mac Intel & M1/M2)

Forum Admin

Thanks czechball, I'll take a look at this asap.

Control Surface Studio User

Ok now it works for me !
"make sure to include a space at the end" <<<< THIS

Thanks JohnC

Control Surface Studio User

I've noticed that the controller editor seems a bit broken for me. If you try to add keys or pads to a controller and edit the number of keys or pads to include, it glitches out some random number of keys/pads. If you try to edit it after that, a cialog box appears and the whole app freezes up requiring a force quit. It seems like this causes a fatal error for CSS.

CSS 2.8 running on Windows 10.

Screenshot #1 - shows the result of clicking the pencil icon and choosing an 8x8 pads grid
Screenshot #2 - shows the frozen dialog box that displays after clicking on the pencil icon second time. (will not let you select Cancel or Save - just have to quit the app).
Screenshot #3 - shows the same thing but for keys instead of pads. Chaged the default keys # from 24 to 49

Thanks for the continued support of CSS and congrats on th 2.8 release. Hopefully only a few bugs to shake out.

Control Surface Studio User

I just noticed another bug with the controller editor after having success porting my controller template with the template cleaner for v2.8 - https://remotify.io/tools/controller-template-cleaner.

The MIDI value tooltip hides behind other controller objects (buttons, faders, etc).

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John, thank you for the update.
Maybe I overlooked something but I can't make "device parameter" to send LED feedback to a MIDI Fighter Twister (works for example with "track volume" as expected) ?

Appreciate the ongoing development.
Kind regards, mj

Control Surface Studio User

I've built really complex and nicely running scripts with 2.7 which took me several hours there.
And Situation with 2.8 is for me:
- I cannot import: modes are missing (with or without "cleaning")
- general the usability ist HORRIBLE !
-- no more grouping of modes tracks devices means scrolling ways too much
--1-2-3 "wizzard" with closing accordions in the modal dialogs is HORRIBLE!
... and many other details do really suck now.

Keep in mind: Your customers are paying for this program.

Get it back to 2.7: the UI was much better. Only add (back) the "fly-out"-Dialog to modify Mappings .... as it was on the screenshot and video tutorials.

I returned to 2.7 from my backups.

Control Surface Studio User

@ewersk: I wouldn't call it horrible... But I agree - I also prefer the previous workflow (version 2.6 with the separate, docked script edit window) that used even less mouse movements and clicks to open and close edit windows.

Regards, mj

Control Surface Studio User

@mj (and others): OK, that wasn't polite. I'm sorry about that.
But anyway, thx for your support with the point.

Control Surface Studio User

I agree that the old user interface of 2.7 is much more intuitive and organized than the new 2.8 UI for all the same reasons mentioned in this thread. But I'm hopeful that these are developmental growing pains for now. Some ideas/suggestions for improvement that immediately come to mind are:
- The potential of allowing some form of nesting mappings/reactions (like in folders voluntarily created by the user).
- The potential of at least displaying the Mapping Name in the header of the mapping edit window instead of hiding it in a collapsed section of the window after moving on to the additional parameters of each mapping. (perhaps allow users to chose whether or not they would like to collapse the different sections of the pop-out window).
- The potential of integrating a separate window for the controller display so you can easily identify the names/midi info associated with each controller object whilst editing a mapping/reaction.

I also agree that getting rid of all nesting in 2.8 makes working on elaborate scripts completely chaotic and subject to erroneous mistakes.

Control Surface Studio User

I have attempted to import a script built with 2.7 into 2.8 and it did not go very well. After a few hours of carefully assigning the right modes to each of my mappings in 2.8, I'm receiving an error message that is preventing me from installing the script to Ableton using 2.8. I'm not sure what could be throwing it off, as I made no significant changes to anything other than assigning the right mode to each mapping.

The error message states the following:
"Script generation error
get_device_chain_target error:
we cant currently handle device selections of type: . Called by config_module"

Forum Admin

czechball: the missing midi controller images should now be displaying.
I tested 2.8 out on a Mac Intel but couldn't reproduce your issue with the app settings. Could you check it again please?

dok.ryconn: Thanks for reporting those issues with the Pads and Keys breaking and the tooltips displaying behind inputs. We will investigate this a priority.

MartinJ: We will investigate this issue with device parameter feedback, thanks.

ewersk:The cleaner is for fixing an issue with Midi controller templates only, as it specifically says on the page!
With regards to scrolling, are you aware that we now have filtering and a tagging system which you can use?
2.7 can still be used independently of 2.8 if you want to stick with that for now.

MartinJ & ewersk: we will be using the dialog/overlay for settings forms going forward, so if you have any suggestions on how this can be improved we're all ears.

Control Surface Studio User

I'd like to present a different perspective than the angry user above - I left Ableton for Bitwig maybe a year ago and therefore I have not been using Remotify at all in this time, so I could care less about the previous version, as well as for some new version bugs (that are gonna be fixed). What I actually do care about and the reason why I'm here now and still interested in this project, is that the Remotify Control Surface app was one of the reasons why I didn't want to leave Ableton and kept using it maybe for another year, and improving and developing this app might very well tip the balance back to Ableton for me - because it is a big of a deal and my major problem with Bitwig (not being able to use my controllers like with Remotify in Ablik). So just for the developers - don't get intimidated by the haters, take a deep breath and carry on. We love what you've done and are doing. ❤️

Control Surface Studio User

Congratulations on 2.8! but I have to say, this version is just trying to modernize with a material user interface but it is halfway there. I have a bug when creating a template, the change of rows-columns of the pads cannot be edited, a popup appears that cannot be closed and the app freezes

Forum Admin

czechball: thank you so much for your super kind words!! :)

andinov: that bug has already been mentioned on this thread. I said that we are fixing it as a priority.

Forum Admin

2.8.1 released:
Fixed bug where changing number of keys & pads would break the midi controller panel.
FIxed bug where ”device parameter" was not sending LED feedback to midi controller (server)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John
"FIxed bug where ”device parameter" was not sending LED feedback to midi controller (server)"
Works, thank you !
In version 2.7 "device selector" also had LED feedback but not the new "Select Device" mapping in version 2.8 Maybe that could also added ? Regards, mj

Pro User

Hi John,

I'm getting this error and can't figure out which mapping is causing it.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi, thanks for the update. I'm using 2.8 on an apple silicon Mac, I've fixed the installation issue, but I've tried to import my script and controller template from ~/Control Surface Studio - folder. The Controller template seems fine ( I have tried using the template cleaner in case that would work.... but my script has errors everywhere and I have to manually re-assign the right Mode for each mapping.

I have about 200 mappings and not even sure if that'll fix it. Plus the hierarchy is now all in one giant list instead of how 2.7 had it... ie... Mode / Track / Device Selectors / Parameter Bank / Parameter.

Does that sound right to you? I have sent a screen shot of my 2.7 vs 2.8 script for you to view.
I have shown what my modes and hierarchy looked like in 2.7, and then my errors and the fact I have to completely reassign every mapping to a mode etc.

I'm using Ventura 13.4.1, MacBook Pro M2, Ableton 11.3.3

Control Surface Studio User

Hello mpc183,
True, if you want to update your script for 2.8, you will have to allocate the appropriate Mode for each mapping. The errors will then disappear.
I tried it with 2 scripts, 1 went flawlessly, and for the other script, I had to redo the parameter mappings. (I probably messed something up there)
Anyway, it did take a couple of minutes but nothing excessive.

I use an older version of CSS to do quick changes to my older scripts. I do not find it necessary to update the already up-and-working scripts.
For my new scripts, I use v2.8+


Control Surface Studio User

Great thanks for your response.

And the hierarchy? ie as shown in my screenshots, has that methodology disappeared and everything is in one list now?

Control Surface Studio User

Hey mpc183, unfortunately yes you’re correct.

John’s post on 6/23/23 had addressed the question. - “With regards to scrolling, are you aware that we now have filtering and a tagging system which you can use?
2.7 can still be used independently of 2.8 if you want to stick with that for now.”

Control Surface Studio User

Here was my day. Found a bug in 2.7 that prevented Midi Channel 13 CC 123 from exporting with script (this took a while to figure out). Thought, well maybe they have fixed this in 2.8. Install 2.8, have to relink all the modes then when I export, errors ...
I don't know what the script errors mean. Google search showed nothing.
Current error is get_parent_bank_number error .... don't know what that is or how to fix.
I preferred the hierarchy because I could better organize my thinking that way.
I also preferred not having to retype or re-paste the password every time.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi bremoteyx98,
I suspect the error has to do with the parameter numbers which were nested in the CSS prior to 2.8 (see image)
You could try one of the following:

  • Make a backup (just to be sure) and try deleting the track selector, device selector, and parameter bank. Make sure all the options under the parameters (see image) are set correctly.
  • If that doesn't help, just delete all parameters also and put them in again from CSS 2.8. You can without any problem open your original script in CSS 2.7 (or 2.6) and also open your 'updated' script in CSS 2.8. That way you will be able to input the correct settings for your parameters more easily.

If you don't want to bother with the first option (because I'm not sure it will work), you can go for the second option, which should work straight away.
Hope this helps!

PS: Kind of curious about what the bug is, did you also try to render the script with 2.6?

Control Surface Studio User

forgot images... #facepalm

Control Surface Studio User

Hi, Wim. It might not be a bug. I was reading that CC 123 is all notes off. Perhaps this is not usable in the same way as other MIDI CC values? I switched the entire Twister to channel 14, and the 123 still didn't work. Since the Twister has 64 knobs and 64 buttons, I wanted to keep all of it on one channel, but I guess 123 doesn't want to cooperate.
I'm not excited to rebuild much of my script in 2.8. It is a rather large script, using almost all the knobs and buttons of the 4 banks, and now I'm adding a mode switch so that it will be even larger to control all of my return tracks.
I'll just stick with 2.7 for now and perhaps migrate at some point in the future.
2.7 is a great tool to have. And I'm really glad to have it.
I'll learn more about 2.8 and what features it offers soon enough.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi bremoteyx98,
I am pretty sure that I have used CC123 before (probably about 3-4 years ago), I mapped a Doepfer Drehbank back then, which has 64 knobs and 2 hardware modes. I remember setting up all 128 CC's and I don't recall a failure.
You probably already did, but can you double-check the controller template? Or swap the CC number for another one if possible?
I also use 2.8 for new projects only, I do like having more screen estate for my reactions in 2.8 and the fact that you can now add and delete any parameter you want without fighting with the parameter bank! That is a very nice update John did!!

Control Surface Studio User

Hi, Wim. I did swap the CC, and then that knob worked as expected. This happened with 2 rounds of trial. That's why I initially thought it was some fluke with Midi Channel 13 and CC 123. But the same thing happened with channel 14 and 123. After googling, I saw that 123 represents All Notes Off and is seen as a binary input (on or off). I'm not saying that is the cause, but that triggered my suspicion that there is something up with 123. Not sure, just suspicious.
I'm sure I'll understand the benefits of 2.8 as I progress. I did my first Mode switching last night in 2.7, and that opened up entire pathways for me. So now from one Twister bank I can access control of all my sends and all my returns in an intuitive way. Very exciting.

Control Surface Studio User

The new 2.8+ interface is looking good. I have one big issue tho. I have 4 contollers each with 50+ knobs/buttons. Most have a shift function 2x50=100. Each knob need to be bound to a device and a mapping. That is 200+ settings I have to redo. The information to do this automatically is in 2.7; I hope there is a way to automate this.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi Aqenra,

The upgrade is indeed mostly in the interface, which means that there is no new added script functionality. So if your scripts are already done, there is no need to convert them to 2.8+. If you want to update your existing script with minor (or even major) changes, you can still use an older version of CSS (2.7 or 2.6.3) to adapt your script. All mappings and reactions still have the same functionality.

If you do want to convert your script to CSS 2.8+ then you will have to assign a mode to each mapping, which can take some time but nothing excessive. If you run into the problem that you don't remember which mapping is assigned to which mode, you can run both CSS versions next to each other.
I had a problem with a script that had many parameter banks that did not translate well when I imported the script to v2.8+. I redid the parameter mappings entirely by having both CSS versions open, which made it really easy. Sure it took 'some' time, but to be honest, I never finished a working script so swiftly ;-)

Sure if there was to be a script or program that translates older scripts to 2.8+ without having to reassign modes or redo some mappings, I would use it too. But that is not so high on my wish list. Anyway, for now, I use CSS 2.8+ for all my new scripts (I prefer it mostly for the bigger screen estate you get for making Reactions and the ability to export selected mappings), Older scripts get modified by CSS 2.7-. That way I don't lose functionality or time ;-)

Control Surface Studio User

I wanted to let you know I remapped everything in the 2.8+ app. Took a bit of time but it was totally worth it. I love the new mapping system; much more intuitive. Also the app is way more stable. Thanks guys!

For everyone thinking of purchasing CSS, do it! I have so much control over Ableton for my Liveset its insane.

Control Surface Studio User

I don't find the "Selected Track" mode. Only "Selected Device". Am I missing something?

Control Surface Studio User