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Remotify/Ableton expert for hire?

Submitted by dropknox on Fri, 08/18/2023 - 23:51
Free User

I have a Midi Fighter Twister I'd like to configure as an Ableton Live DJ controller. Though I have a tech background, I could use some help from someone with well rounded background in midi, and configuring controllers in Ableton.

Midi Fighter Twister
IllGates Twister Performance Template
Ableton Live 11
Bome Midi Translator Pro
Max for Live (rad bonus but not necessary)

I'm making progress myself but it's tedious.

I have a list of challenges if that helps, and an overall plan for what I'm trying to accomplish. Namely a 4 channel/track setup (IllGates template is only 2), looping controls, eq, some of IllGates cool effects remapped to some other controls, a way to browse the library and pop clip packs over to session view (this already works), and a bunch of other stuff.

Example challenge:
Figure out how to have the waveform display on the currently playing track when I switch to a channel/track instead of a non-actively playing clip in that channel. Little things that make a huge difference.

If you have the chops hmu!

.: pl

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2 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

Hi dropknox, seems like a nice project you are working on.
I might be able to help you out. You can contact me at the mail address on this post.

Control Surface Studio User

It is in the "What is this?" file on the drive. ;-)