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Midi CC jumping around

Submitted by wchason on Sun, 10/22/2023 - 04:30
Control Surface Studio User

Hello, I am running into an issue were the cc for a macro Ableton control will not use its full range, until it sort of warms up, then it will go from 0-127.

For reference, I am sending midi from TouchOSC to Ableton, and I am able to monitor the TouchOSC output, which does not show a restricted range. The TouchOSC output is mapped to the first 8 macros on the selected track in Ableton Live.

These macros restrict themselves to 10-67 (as an example, its different every time), but once the controlling knob is moved back and forth a couple times it goes its full range, 0-127.

Has anyone run into this at all? its strange that it will go the full range after some finagling, and that the restricted values are different every time.

If anyone has any guesses I would really appreciate it, thanks!


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Forum Admin

Hi Will,

I'm not sure what the issue is but maybe try turning off 'snapping' for the mapping and see if that helps.

Control Surface Studio User

Unfortunately the snapping was off already. Turning it on makes the problem worse.

I have a gamepad input ->Touch OSC->Ableton (with CC Scripts)

The full range of the macro knobs it is targeting (selected track) only works if the joystick is moved slowly, moving it fast does not move the macro knob the full amount.

However, once the macro has been moved the full amount, then moving the joystick fast works, and the macro knob responds correctly.

Control Surface Studio User

Thank you for your help too, any thoughts on how to fix this?

Control Surface Studio User

Once more note, when mapped directly from TouchOSC to an Ableton macro knob, the full range works perfectly fine, so it seems to be something in the CC Studio script perhaps?

Control Surface Studio User

There is something going on with the value scaling takeover mode. All other modes behave fine, but value scaling creates this restricted movement followed by proper movement after wiggling around the joystick.

Any thoughts on how to get value scaling to work properly? This is the most attractive options for this use.