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Global ON value for pads & buttons

Submitted by danicroitor on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 12:15
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I have a Livid Cntrl R controller and for on value sends 64. The defalut on value inside the app is 127. It is a pain to change every button inside the script to 64 so, when we design de controller would be nice some option like the default on value

also, maybe to set up the value and the colours corresponding to those values and when we have to select a value for a led reaction to just write the colour or just select a the colour from a list

things like that.

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Pro User

any chances that this gets included in the future?
it would save some time for those with controller with different values for on/off

Control Surface Studio User

Yes, this topic is interesting. At the expense of LIVID CNTRL R - is it possible to program "Step Sequencer" in "Control Surface Studio"?

Control Surface Studio User

Hi Vagarshakur,

If I am not mistaken, the OP's question is covered since CSS v2.5

About the sequencer, I guess you can make some sort of step sequencer with the functions and properties of 'Clip' from the LOM. But my guess is that you'll need to program in Python and then import those scripts in CSS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKMqP01bs2M)

Anyway, it is not a core property of CSS and hence not a simple task to perform in CSS.

It is a very interesting idea though, I also have played with it. Only, my skills don't reach that far.. I am not a programmer :-(

Maybe one day a program-savvy person on the forum could program something like that!! Hint hint.. ;-)