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Session Box "Combination Mode" not working? Push 2 and Launch Control XL

Submitted by mpc183@gmail.com on Fri, 07/14/2023 - 10:44
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, firstly thanks for all the amazing work you have done on this platform, after switching from Arsenal once the Python3 support was clearly not coming, CSS and Remotify has been a perfect upgrade and way more flexible.

So apologies for my lack of knowledge but I've got a few modes set up, and I have LaunchControl XL (with the Remotify CSS script) working next to my Push 2 (using the standard Ableton script and 8x8 Red Box). I have checked all over and I can not seem to figure out how to link the 2 "red session Boxes" so that I am editing the same 8 tracks on both the Push2 and my CSS script with LaunchControl XL. The below Combination mode suggestion doesn't work for me, both Session boxes are independent at all times.

The only community thread I've found is this one which is not working for me: "Link Push2 session navigation to launchpad" here....

The only thing I can think of is that because Push 2's session box is not a CSS script they are not communicating with each other?? Not sure if that's relevant.

Ideally I would be able to move either session boxes on both devices and the red boxes would stay together at all times... any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thanks again

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Control Surface Studio User

Hi mpc183,
Going from https://youtu.be/dbWwmy395Vc?t=510 where John says that 'Combination Mode' should be on for both devices, I assume that it is indeed not possible since the Push doesn't use CSS.
The red box is also not mentioned in de Live object Model if I am not mistaken. Otherwise, that could be something to work with.
Another solution could be a Max device that alters the red box. I found some potentially helpful devices on https://maxforlive.com/library/index.php?by=any&q=red+box
Hope this can set you in the right direction, could be a rabbit hole also.. ;-)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi Wim,
Thanks for responding so quickly. I did check out that link at the bottom but it looks like it's great if you know the track number you want to jump to (like for large DJ sessions etc), not so good for scrolling up and down tracks or banks like when you are songwriting, mixing etc.

However I did find this Max4Live device called LaunchSync XL that works really works well (2 way) with Live 11. It's not super cheap but it looks popular and the support has been good before and after buying... if anyone has the same issue as me then this fixed the above issue for me.

So now I'm using:
-Push 2 - Standard Script
-Launch Control XL - Using bespoke CSS script with 5 modes
-All session boxes linked together using the below M4L device, so I'm =editing the same 8 tracks every time - took 2 seconds to setup.

Thanks again for the CSS support, you guys are brilliant.

Control Surface Studio User

That is great news, thanks for sharing the link!
I'm sure more people will benefit from your search.
Always nice to hear some feedback and great solutions :-)
Wishing you the best.