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'Remember Me' at log in does not seem to be working

Submitted by Matthew Diamond on Sat, 08/26/2023 - 21:24
Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User

Replication 5/5
How to replicate:
Open CSS and the login appears. Enter user details, then click the toggle box near 'remember me'. Enter software. Close software. Reopen and user details need to be entered again

Windows 11
CSS 2.8.1

Currently, I'm noting that I need to close CSS for Ableton to recognise my midi controller as active for Ableton. This means I am closing/opening CSS often and having to repeatedly re-enter my details. If I'm doing something wrong in this regard, I'd be happy not to have to close CSS


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Control Surface Studio User

Hi Matthew,

Since 2.8 the 'remember me' button will not work anymore. As I understand it, it will be like this from now on. (John wrote: "With regards to passwords, these are no longer being stored in 2.8 onwards."). I presume it is due to privacy and/or server policies.
I use a fairly simple but very effective password, so it is not a problem at all to quickly enter the password when I start CSS.

I know that in Live 11, in order to get a new script active, you have to restart Live, but I (almost) never had to restart CSS in order to get a script or controller template running in Live. (That is why, when possible, I script for Live 10 - in 10 you only have to start a new live set - and once the script is ok, I port it to Live 11. It is a Live 'thing' not related to CSS.)

For reference, the settings for my pc are hereunder. I use W10 and CSS 2.8.1
I do remember that with my previous PC build (I used a user profile and not an admin one), I had some problems with Live and some other programs. It almost always went away when I started the affected programs 'as admin user'. Maybe this can be of help for anybody else.

I noticed sometimes a simple pc restart (not 'shut down' and then starting up again but 'restart') can help too!

Hope any of this can help you out!

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Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User

Sound advice, I'll dumb down my password and might try live 10 once I'm got a baseline of working scripts in live 11

Thanks Wim