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Momentary functionality is not working as expected in CSS

Submitted by cmjr on Sun, 08/11/2019 - 18:28
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I have something that hopefully adds value for the community here to use. I have attached a working script for the DJTT Midi Figher 64 to be used as a 64 clip launcher in Ableton's session view. Feel free to download and use, but hopefully someone can help me achieve this same script in the CSS app.

I originally created a script (remotify_midifighter_64.json) for my DJTT Midi Fighter 64 to launch 64 buttons of clips in Ableton's session view using the Remotify web app about a year or so ago. In the Remotify web app, I also added a Shift button to this script to momentarily trigger Mode #2 when held down. I designed Mode #2 to temporarily "expose" the Scenes and Stop Tracks sections via the RGB lights on the Midi Fighter 64. As soon as the Shift button is released, Mode #2 goes away by returning back to Mode #1.

The momentary functionality of the Shift button works flawlessly in the script I designed using the Remotify web app. However, I cannot get the momentary Shift button to function in this same way when the shift button is held down momentarily in the new CSS (version 2.5). I'm not sure if this is a bug in the CSS app or if there is something I'm doing wrong when re-building this script in the new CSS. Can someone please help me?

There are no errors being reported by CSS's error log, but I attached the Ableton log.txt file and screenshots of my scripts created in both the Remotify web app and the new CSS app. I have also attached the JSON file for both scripts: the Remotify web app script (remotify_midifighter_64.json) and the CSS script (2_script.json).

Thank you so much for anyone who helps me. I have spent countless hours trying to make this work in CSS. If it's not a bug in CSS, then I'm sure it's something very simple! Hope someone enjoys the working Remotify web app version of the script I created for the Midi Fighter 64.

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To have shifted controls like in the old web app, you can use the Mode Selector Mapping type.
Watch this part of our Modes Tutorial for how to make it momentary: https://youtu.be/_gtgD9eExTo?t=294

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Yep figured it out. Thank you.