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MIDI learn not responding correctly to the inputs selected CSS 2.8

Submitted by drums4betterdaze on Mon, 08/28/2023 - 03:09
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there, I've been trying to create a template for a Livid CNTRL8R from scratch using CSS 2.8 I just installed but I'm having issues with the "controller template editor" Knobs, Pads, Buttons and encoders aren't responding correctly when using "MIDI learn" to assign data to those inputs. In the first column on the left I created, things were correct for knobs and sliders (green box those responded "green" and worked well on Ableton)) but buttons didn't work well (button in orange box went green when touching the controller, but didn't work on Ableton and the one inside the red box didn't turn green, and didn't work at all) is like not responding, and from there tried to set another inputs but nothing is correct, if I touch one of the knobs, sliders, encoders or pads on the controller then something different turns green on the "controller template editor" or nothing happens at all, is anybody else having these issues, any help would be appreciated


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Control Surface Studio User

Hi drums4betterdaze,
Welcome to the forum,
I may be wrong, but after reading your question, I suspect you are mixing up some things.

You only use Midi Learn once when creating a controller template. Each button, slider,.. has a unique Midi CC or Note value. Once created you never have to change that again (as long as you don't change your controller's Midi values).
In the template settings, you can set the colors of your controller (look them up in your controller's manual)

At https://www.youtube.com/@remotify/videos you can find tutorials on how to set up the controller templates, color feedback, and so on.

Hope you are set in the right direction, let us know.