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Having trouble getting the "delay" switch to fire.

Submitted by SalvatoreBarone on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 14:49
Control Surface Studio User

Hi all!

I recently purchased CSS and am loving it so far. The functionality I'm getting out of my controller is mind blowing-- and being able to map parameters to where I intuitively think they are, as opposed to having to learn the manufacturer's mapping, is making my life much easier.

That being said, I'm finally onto my last tweaks of programming my Novation Nocturn, and am having some trouble getting the "delay" switch to fire on/off messages. I'm trying to get buttons 1-8 to function as device selectors with a single press, and device on/off with a press and hold. I'm able to assign both parameters to a single button, and have Ableton both select the device, and turn it on/off with a single press, but when I set the device on/off switch type to delay, the device is only selected. Holding the button down does not seem to have any effect.

I've read that this switch is dependent on having exact on/off values, and I can verify that those are correct. My best guess at what's causing this is that the Novation Nocturn has to run through its own proprietary driver (Automap) before hitting CSS, and through this driver an additional layer of switch settings (Momentary/Toggle/Incremental) is introduced. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how this stacks with CSS's switch settings.

To get buttons to toggle on/off, I know I have to set both switch types to toggle, and have CSS shoot back LED on/off messages to the button. Otherwise the button will work in inverse.

I've tried all 4 separate routings of momentary/toggle in both CSS and Automap, and none seem to be triggering the delay switch. The one that seems most probable to me is having both CSS and Automap as momentary switches, with LED on/off firing back from CSS, however this isn't working.

Thanks so much for the help! Let me know if you need any further clarifications, I know this is a bit confusing to read.

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Forum Admin

Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiasm, it really means a lot to hear that!! :)

For the delay option, how it works is it monitors the time between when it received the On value and Off value for from the input. If the time between the on and off is greater than what you set in the 'Delay amount' option, it should fire.
Having said that, I just tested it here and although it works for transport controls like Play, it doesn't seem to fire for device on/off.

I will keep investigating to sand hopefully have a fix/solution for you quickly. Sorry about that.

Control Surface Studio User

Wow! Thanks for the quick response.
You very well deserve those words. Although hesitant about purchasing CSS, I quickly realized its value when I was upwards of 10 hours into programming my controller, and realizing that if I had worked through any other platform it would have taken four times as long and gotten a quarter of the results. I'll recommend it every chance I get.

I'm glad to see that I am not crazy! No rush on getting that fix out, but thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate it.

Forum Admin

It's awesome to hear about your time saving comparison, I was in the exact same situation years ago. That's the reason I built the web app, so other people could skip the endless torment of trying to write these damn script :)
Unfortunately its meant I've spent the last 4 years in scripting hell, but to hear how much its helping people like yourself makes it all worth while. Have a read of this blog post I'm sure you can relate: https://remotify.io/docs/an-app-built-out-of-frustration

In terms of the delay issue. A fix has now been pushed up.
Re-install you script and your delay button should now work with device on/off buttons.

Free User

Hey there SalvatoreBarone. I would love to have a go at your script and automap settings. I have a nocturn 25 and if I'm not mistaken it's just a nocturn with a keyboard and some crappy pads. I'm having some issues getting things to work in CSS at the moment.