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Fcb1010 and Maschine Jam

Submitted by 0OjerOmyO0 on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 14:04
Control Surface Studio User

Hey there, I'm trying to figure out how to find a json script for both my fcb1010 and my maschine jam. is this even possible? I'm spending way too long trying to figure out how to load different controllers into the app. Love this idea, but i really need some help.

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Hi there,

We didn't currently have pre-built controller templates for the Maschine Jam and Behringer FCB1010 so I've quickly made them for you to import. :)
You can find them here:
Maschine Jam: https://remotify.io/community/question/ni-maschine-jam-controller-template
Behringer FCB1010: https://remotify.io/community/question/behringer-fcb1010-controller-temp...
To use them in Control Surface Studio, go to the 'Controller Manager' > 'import' panel and import the json files. You will see them appear in your list of controller templates.
Note: I haven't set the midi data for each of the inputs in these templatesYou set them by turning on midi monitor, then going into each input and moving relevant input on the controller. You will see the midi data instantly update.



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Hi John. I actually registered to ask this question. Since I read you can import phython scripts, I'd like to know if importing the template for Ableton 9-10 for the Jam directly in Remotify is possible. The template is made by the scripts in the attached image. You can also read about it here:

I ask because it would be a huge plus for me to start from that template since it's already setup to do many nice things. I just want to edit and integrate some parts of it. Is it possible?
And also, is it possible to limit new Modes (pages) to a certain "area" of the controller. In other words, am I forced to create a new Mode for the entire controller? Thanks!

Forum Admin


Thank you for your interest. With CSS you can import script json files which are the files created by CSS itself when you build your own script. Its not possible to import a python script.
Modes affect the entire controller, however you can easily duplicate controls into multiple modes so that mappings can exist across them all.


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Thanks for your answer I didn't get any notification so I lost it for a while..
Second part of your answer is interesting but didn't really solve my design idea for mapping. Infact your solution would work only when adding different modes to a single certain area of the controller. You cannot have multiple areas to switch "pages" this way. Because when switching page on area 1 you haven't a way to tell in which page you currently are on area 2. In other words the two paged areas can't be indipendent. Correct?