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CSS Version 2.5.6 is out! - Includes support for Ableton Live 11

Submitted by Remotify Team on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 10:07
Remotify Team
Forum Admin

Hi all, we're really happy to announce that version 2.5.6 of Control Surface Studio is now available.

You can download it either from the login screen inside CSS or by going to your personal 'My Downloads' page on the website. You will find a link to this page in top menu (when logged in).

Control Surface Studio can now generate working scripts for Ableton Live 11. Open the settings menu at the top of CSS where you will see a new option called 'Python Version'. Here you can select between 3 versions, Python 2.5, 2.7 and 3. Ableton Live 11 uses Python 3.
Ableton Live 11 / Python 3 MIDI Remote Script option

We've added better backward support for versions of Live which use Python 2.5 (before Live 9.5). This fixes issues which users were experiencing regarding broken scripts in these older versions of Live.

We also fixed an issue with the autosave functionality that was causing script and setting json files to become corrupted. This was causing scripts to disappear from CSS and in some cases the entire App layout was unresponsive.


  • Scripts can now be compiled for Ableton Live 11 (Python 3)
  • Ability to select Python version in settings menu
  • Support for multiple Python versions... 2.5 (Ableton Live < v9.5), 2.7 (Ableton Live > v9.5 and < v11) , 3.x (Ableton Live v11+)


  • Script generation for Ableton Live 9.2.3 (Python v2.5)
  • Multiple autosaves causing saved json to become malformed (scripts disappearing in App)
  • layout of 'Device Parameter Banking' menu

You can view the full Control Surface Studio changelog here

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11 Responses


Annette Brosin
Control Surface Studio User

That's awesome! Was just approved as Live 11 Beta tester! Can't wait to try out all the new implementations.

Forum Admin

Brilliant :) if you experience any issues with Live 11 please do let us know.

Pro User

Good day. When will the web version of Remotify be compatible with Live 11? I have a rather large script for a BCR2000 that I do not necessarily want to rebuild again with CSS.

Forum Admin

You can upgrade your web app scripts for Live 11 by following the tutorial in this post:

Pro User


Pro User

Awesome work! I highly recommend this app to anyone who uses Live 10 and 11. Ability to Design your own controller template and then link it to any particular script you are working with is genius and I love it!

Control Surface Studio User

When will the WebApp deliver Live11 compatible downloads?

Free User

So no love for the WebApp?

Forum Admin

A couple of fixes were released yesterday related to Live 11 issues. see the changelog for details:

The web app will get some love don't worry, however, all development is focused on control surface studio at present.
People who has purchased the pro version of web app can currently upgrade to control surface studio for $22.
Get it here: https://remotify.io/pro-user-discount-page
(note: make sure you're logged into your web app pro account to access the page)

Control Surface Studio User

Howdy. So after switching over to Live 11 and updating to 2.5.6 things are pretty weird.

My script were not working at all at first even though I followed the steps, updated locations and all that good stuff.

For some reason, my Launhpad script started working which is nice. But I cant seem to get my Fighter Twister Scripts to work. I have deleted them, tried creating new ones but they wont install properly.

One interesting thing is that in Live 11:s remote script folder, the working scripts has another folder in it called __pychace__ sort of. And the ones that are not working (for the DJTT fighter twister) doesnt have this folder.

Any help?

Forum Admin


If those pycache folders aren't appearing in the missing script folders, Live isn't compiling them which likely means there are errors in the code. Please could you post any error messages from the log here, or email to us via the contact form: https://remotify.io/contact

One other possibility is that you already had Live 11 running when you were installing those scripts. For new scripts to appear you need to close Live, install the script and then re-start Live.