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Automatic / Default LED feedback. Tell us your requirements here!

Submitted by Remotify Team on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 22:02
Remotify Team
Forum Admin
Hello all! It has been a couple of months since we soft launched Control Surface Studio and it has became clear that Reactions are just too complicated and time consuming for adding LED Feedback for Mappings. This needs to be greatly simplified. Trying to figure out the right combination of Listeners & Conditions for a simple mapping is too complicated and is getting a bit too close to needing to know how Coding works, which isn't what the App is about. We want to announce that development of Mapping based LED Feedback will soon begin. This will automatically provide feedback to your controls with little to no configuration required from you. So we can ensure that the solution we develop fits as many of your needs as possible, we would like to give you the opportunity to add your requirements here. Here are some points that have already been raised which we will cover: - LEDs should update when the script first loads and when the active Mode is changed. - They should be bidirectional (use Live event's to trigger feedback) - Ability to send Feedback to a different Control / MIDI Value (some MIDI Controller LEDs exist on a separate MIDI Value to the Control). - Ability to send Feedback to multiple Controls? P.S. We will still continue to develop the Reactions Mapping Type but this can be reserved for more advanced / specialist circumstances.
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Control Surface Studio User

This is great news, thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our needs.
I'll think about it and will try to give you some feedback.

Pro User

1. Maybe an "advanced" option inside the app for those who wanna go deeper and know what they're doing.

2. A nice option to have is for the controller on the right side of the app to be like a simulator.
a few ideas regarding that:
global option where to insert a midi value for the led feedback colours
when we activate midi monitoring and press a certain pad, it should lit the controller inside the app according to what it supposed to do.
This is just an idea for led feedback but it can go far more than that.
e.g. would be nice to check if the things are mapped correctly and .. the slider 1 from my physical controller is really the slider1 inside the app
This way at least we know if the things are set up correctly.

getting back on topic...

would be nice to be able to listen to kinda everything from transport buttons to parameters inside devices

Control Surface Studio User

I agree with most of the above.

My idea about a "simple" way of doing it :
- choose a parameter/button to listen to via dropdown menus
for instance, if you choose "Parameters", next dropdown will have "song, view, track, mixer,...", if you choose Track, next dropdown will have "mute, solo, device, clip_slot etc...", and the line changes color as soon as you have reached something you can actually listen to.
at the end of this line, you can have choices like >, <, =,... and the last field has choices corresponds to the actual parameter (eg TRUE/FALSE for Metronome, 0/127 for device parameters, and so on)

- if the listener is a button or if the parameter has already a button mapped to it, have a check box to use the same CC data for the LED to be lit. if unchecked, then propose to use another custom CC number and value

- maybe it would be nice (as suggested by danicroitor) to actually have LED objects in the controller editor. It would make sense to me, and it is a feature that some manufacturers propose (for instance Novation allows to give custom CC to the LEDs). This way you would simply associate an "output" with a listener.

Hope this makes sense.

Pro User

Led feedback for chain devices

Forum Admin

@Pag I like this idea of progressive dropdown menus to dig into the right place. This would greatly simplify the making of Reactions so is something we will definitely look into!

What we are proposing is adding LED feedback by default, directly inside Script mappings. When you add a Mapping you automatically get feedback when you use it.

So lets say you create a Device Parameter Mapping, set as an 'Absolute' control. Simply saving the Mapping would automatically add bi-directional feedback for the attached knob.
But you could optionally override the default feedback and do things like send the feedback to a different control, or other things people might want to do?
The important part is that all of the Listener/Condition/Reaction stuff is just done automatically for each Mapping - no configuring needed.
If you wanted to do something a lot more custom then obviously you would still have the Reactions mapping type at your disposal.

Forum Admin

"would be nice to be able to listen to kinda everything from transport buttons to parameters inside devices"
Yes every script Mapping type would have its own feedback automatically added. So things like Device Parameter Feedback would just work when you add the Mapping.

Pro User

Yeah, for the most mappings, its really easy to achieve John. Just return to the "simple" Framework code, the web app and almost every factory script is using. Easy to handle and every mapping generates feedback to its origin without the need for any listener nor extra code of complicated reactions and the feedback is always bidirectional.
I mean i like the idea of the reactions, but without "dropdown menus" that guides the user into the right place, its as complicated as writing code directly. May a great deal for advanced users, but for the casuals who just want a simple (color) LED feedback, its unnecessary to waste time for a function that is implemented and supported by the live Framework mappings anyways.

Pro User

I just want to thank you for showing that you listen to us. Simplifying the operation of LEDs for less experienced users seems very important to me. I am sure that with your work you will be able to develop an unbeatable product.

Good job. Thank you!

Pro User

do you guys know when we'll have the first update?

Control Surface Studio User

I would love to see auto LED for session box colors

Control Surface Studio User

Have you guys checked out the editing interface for the Datalooper pedal ?
It's very well laid out imo.
First you choose a button by clicking on it, then you add a script function to it from an organized list on the left, then you choose your options.
It makes the script and the controller really feel as a whole.

Pro User

Not necessarily led feedback related but would be nice to be able to map a knob to metronome volume

Pro User

This is amazing news. It's the one part of the process I'm struggling with. The rest is working great. Here are my suggestions:

"What we are proposing is adding LED feedback by default, directly inside Script mappings. When you add a Mapping you automatically get feedback when you use it."
- Would be great to still choose the velocity/colour value here as value 127 on my controller is darker than, for example, value 79 which is the velocity value I'm currently setting for my Mute Feedback LEDs.

- LEDs update when scrolling through tracks.
This one has been a tricky one I haven't figured out. My mute controls are relative to my session box and when I scroll left and right to mute/unmute different tracks (eg: 1-10 to 11-20) the buttons themselves work as mutes for tracks 11-20 but the LEDs are still tied to tracks 1-10.

"Ability to send Feedback to a different Control / MIDI Value (some MIDI Controller LEDs exist on a separate MIDI Value to the Control)"
- This is would be great as my controller has some lone LEDs (not buttons) which I would like to react to actions in Live without having to add the action to a button or control.

Pro User

Nevermind. Just figured out you can add [self.track_num(2)].mute to the LED feedback to do this. Nice!

Control Surface Studio User

This is excellent!
I'm using remotify with my Midi Fighter Twister and I have the bottom 12 knobs dedicated to 12 send values for the "Selected track"
I'm doing Brauer MultiBus compression and actually regularly have 12 return channels set up.
Got it rolling minus the LED feedback.
If there was an easy way so that when the selected track changed, the midi fighter's LEDs changed accordingly that would be phenomenal.

Control Surface Studio User

Well, this sounds great. In fact, I was quite shocked to find out the app doesn't do this (because the promise was simple configuration, no coding needed). I have purchased the app.

Meanwhile, are there clear instructions somewhere for how to set up simple basic bi-directional LED feedback, so that the positions of my Ableton knobs are reflected on my Midi Fighter Twister? For example: I have the sends of the currently selected track mapped on my Twister, and I would like the LEDs to change accordingly when I select a different track in Ableton. (I don't even mind a bit of coding, but I can't find any clear info about how to do this.)


Forum Admin

The 'Automatic / Default LED feedback' update will add that functionality by default, currently it's not possible with Reactions.

Pro User

Hi did this ever get implemented

Forum Admin

Yes there is plenty of LED feedback, this has been available for a long time.