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Where are the MIDI Controller settings and the CSS log file in CSS

Submitted by MikeModul on Tue, 10/10/2023 - 15:23
Control Surface Studio User

Hey Folks,

I wanted to check my CSS Logfile, but I cannot find the Monitor to see what happens?

Also, I have noticed, where is the MIDI settings button? I need to often to restart CSS because, my MIDI Controller is corrupted by CSS, but wanted to use in Ableton. Also my Virtual MIDI Channel, are still reserved in CSS but can`t parallel edit other things, in CSS.

Thank you in advanced :)

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Forum Admin

In 2.8+ the log file is in the panel on the bottom right (you can drag it up to expand it)
Latest MIDI data is displayed below this in the very bottom right.
(This is when you're in the script editor)
More details on 2.8 changes here: https://youtu.be/GeMFgf1VRwU?si=Owqf0feJLc4fgyxs

Control Surface Studio User

Great. Thank you for the reply! Much appreciated. But I think, I have an issue there.

Because, I have more midi ports, as the list can show. Out of window. Could be this the issue, that I can`t see the log file button?