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Upgraded to 2.8.1 but not sure how to import my 2.7 setups

Submitted by BillW on Tue, 07/04/2023 - 19:34
Control Surface Studio User

Did the upgrade, it created a new home folder, and didn't migrate any of my settings, templates, or scripts.

I tried using import but am getting this error:
Attached controller template not found (script_attach_id: 35).

Is there a guide anywhere for how to migrate my setup?


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Control Surface Studio User

I just copied the contents of my old CSS folder to the new one and restarted CSS. Didn't give me any warnings other than my various knob assignments saying they're missing a Mode.

Tried assigning the mode and exporting to Live, which seems to have registered the new script with no errors. But my setup's not working. So I'll use the old script until I see more info about upgrading.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi BillW,
You were getting that error because you have to import the Controller Template of your device first.
Then you can assign that Template to your script.
Hope you get it to work soon!

Control Surface Studio User

Pretty sure I did that. But let me try again. I may have a small mess of duplicate files now.

Where should the home directory be for CSS files? I'm using a Mac and have the following folders that all basically have the same files in them.

my profile/Control Surface Studio
my profile/Control Surface Studio 2.8

Control Surface Studio User

I made sure I imported my controller templates and then imported my scripts.

Same problem with Mode reported as missing. But I can click on it and add Mode 1 Session box (I assume this is right) and then save and export the template. However, on the Ableton side the script is not working. It installs but I get the "This control does not exist in your session" msg.

A clear doc showing how to upgrade to 2.8 would be really helpful.

Control Surface Studio User

The best way to import is to make it new from scratch. The developer is silent since the update.

On the other hand is nothing new in 2.8 so stay with 2.7 until this mess is cleaned up.

I have a Setup with with 100s reactions. I just dont change until there is a funtional update.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi BillW
Strange but nonetheless frustrating..
I followed the instructions on https://youtu.be/GeMFgf1VRwU and it worked out for me. It should be for you too.
The error you are getting is hinting to me again that it has to do with the 'Controller Template'. It seems to me that, in your script, you have assigned a controller which it can't find in the Controller Template. Maybe make sure you have assigned the correct Controller Template for your script? Or maybe go to the tutorial once again?
About the modes, if you want to update your script for 2.8, you will have to allocate the appropriate Mode for each mapping.
Hope you find it soon!

Control Surface Studio User

I just missed trololololol's reaction.
True, if your script is working all right, there is no need for it to update to 2.8
I use 2.8 solely for my new projects, For (changing) my older projects, I still use 2.6.3 which I have grown to love more than 2.7 for no particular reason. ;-)

Control Surface Studio User

Good points - I get so used to installing updates. I really had no problems and for the past couple of years haven't changed my setup!

But I bought a new mac and set it up from scratch. I found my old 2.7 installer. Hopefully i can reinstall it with no glitches.

I really just have one change I wanted to make which is to change the button press to switch from toggling Mutes to toggling the Effects Bus send. Hopefully I can figure that out too

Control Surface Studio User

I was easily able to get back to 2.7 and change and install my script.

I have another q but maybe I'll put it in a new thread for posterity.


Ruzbeh Resaei
Control Surface Studio User

I have the exact same problem here. There's no way I can re-start from scratch. An update should be really more straight forward and ensure that export & re-importing works fine

Control Surface Studio User

Ive just installed the new version on a new computer. Imported my controller templates first, then my scripts. Scripts are not working as described above. Apparently i now have to add 'modes' to every action!

I have to say I'm really disappointed. Producing an update that breaks all the hard work of your customers is not awesome! People spend a lot of time on these scripts and to have them all non-functional in an update feels like the customers haven't been considered in this process. Wasnt there a point when the developers said ummm this update is going to break all the old scripts? At least the importing process for old scripts could have added 'modes' if they are now required?? Anyway, now trying to got back to an old version somehow if i can find an old installer.