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Settings: ableton .exe unable to be selected

Submitted by Matthew Diamond on Wed, 08/23/2023 - 22:46
Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User


I'm trying to set up my environment and am having issues with the documentation vs what I'm seeing on my station.

The documentation says to select the Ableton program .exe but when I search inside CSS the .exe isn't shown.

Below is an image showing my directories in CSS (unsure if these are correct) and two explorer folders open, the one with the question mark is the CSS view, the one on the right is the same directory in windows. As you can see only folders are showing in CSS. Is this expected behaviour?

With these settings I can not see the scripts i'm saving in ableton, however I do see they are being created in the remote scripts folder.

Am i missing something here?

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Control Surface Studio User

Hi Matthew,

No, this is correct, you only need to set its folder, not the exe. Just click the 'Select Folder' button as in the screenshot hereunder ;-)

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Matthew Diamond
Control Surface Studio User

Hi Wim,
Thanks for the feedback.

I was having issues seeing my scripts in Ableton, but after you confirmed my directories are correct, I reverted the remote script folder to default (i had removed the majority of folders there so that my controller list in preferences was small and readable).

There seems to be a folder there that's needed for Ableton to see new script folders.. so it seems. I'll keep it default.

Thanks for your help