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Session Box Navigation doesn't work for me

Submitted by gadesystem on Sat, 09/23/2023 - 22:35
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hey everyone

i just started using CSS and i've already ran against a brick wall - i'm currently trying to get a 4x4 session box going for my launchpad pro mk3.

The box itself shows up as i hoped it would - clip launch works as intended as well, but the two navigation things do not seem to work. Any idea why? I did follow the video tutorial linked in the description and i do not see any difference to what i am doing.

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Update: Tried to do some Trouble Shooting (Used Ableton 10.1.43 initially)
- Tried Ableton Live 11.1.6
- Tried both Python 3 and 2.7 with both Ableton 10.1.43 and 11.1.6

-> Nothing. Still doesnt work. Is this a bug?

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It seems to relate to the type of midi messages - if i set up a new midi template, the navigation buttons work with CC changes, but not with note values. the black buttons on the right side of my launchpad send CC values, and mapped to those the navigation works. The white pads send NOTE_ON values, and the navigation doesnt work for them - no matter if i define the buttons in the midi template as Note or CC

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Alright its the note pressure value - if i hit the pad so it triggers at 127 it moves the box.

How do i set the threshold so it triggers the navigation movement? The only setting i can find is in the midi template part where i can set the Velocity Control Settings - but that doesnt seem to be it.

Any idea?

Control Surface Studio User

Two ways:

1. Set your midi controller to a fixed velocity for that pad


2. Make a reaction that says:
If velocity is >1 move session Box
Depends a little bit on your controller.

Control Surface Studio User

1) is unfortunately apparently not an option, as i cant find documentation anywhere on how to change this in the launchpads' programmer mode. I think theres ways to write custom firmware for it but i am using remotify partially because i do not want to get into all of that stuff to deeply.

2) Is probably the way to go. I have tried to set up a reaction for this:

Listener: "Button 43 was pressed" (the midi button i want to listen for)
Action: self.set_sessionbox_offsets(None, (self.get_sessbox_scene_offset() + 1))

This is what i was able to deduce from context clues so far but it throws an error that there was an "Error in Action Block one (...) from listener "Button 43 was pressed""

Forum Admin


You're likely getting an error as you have to enter a value in both Action Parameters: Track Number & Scene Number.
Rather than leaving one empty, set it to its current position like so:
For Track number: self.get_sessbox_track_offset() - 1
For Scene number: self.get_sessbox_scene_offset() - 1
Note: in order to enter the code, you will first need to select the 'custom' option for the Action Parameter

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Couldnt for the life of me figure it out. Got around it by overriding the midi messages with Bome in the end. Annoying but does the job. Thanks for the help y'all!