Selecting a Device

What are Devices (in Ableton terms)

We refer to all Plugins, Audio Effects and MIDI Effects that appear in the bottom section of Live as ‘Devices’.

Devices in Live

In Control Surface Studio, Device Mappings are children of ‘Track’ Mappings. This means that if you were to add a Device to your Selected Track mapping, then the Device mapping would also be on the Selected Track. To add a Device, click the Add Button (+) next to your Selected Track Mapping. In the Mapping Type Menu, Scroll down and select the ‘Device’ mapping found inside ‘Track'.

Device Mappings are children of Tracks

A Device mapping will be added to your Track and it’s Settings Form will display. There are 2 sections in the Device Settings Form.

Device Selector

In the Device Selector Section, selecting ‘number’ means you can select a specific Device on the chain. selecting ‘selected’ means you will be controlling the currently highlighted Device on the Selected Track.

The Device Settings Form

Simply completing the 'Device Selector’ section would be enough to setup a Device Mapping.

Chain Targeting

Live allows you to put Devices inside other Device Chains. Chain Targeting is used if you want to select a nested Device. Each row is used to go a level deeper. For example, if you want to control a Device nested inside a Device, which in turn is nested inside another Device.

Targeting nested Devices

Use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) options in the Chain Targeting Section to add and remove rows. Leaving this section blank means you want to use the top level Devices. Like the ‘Track’ Mapping which we covered earlier, Device Mappings themselves don’t control anything. They’re simply Selectors which you add Device Controls to.

Highlight the Device

You can have a mapping which instantly highlights the Device in Live by adding a 'Select Device' child mapping to your Device.

Select Device Mapping