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Push 2 user mode

Submitted by jrhythm on Wed, 08/31/2022 - 02:27
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Hi - just wondering if this app would allow me to create a mapping for Push 2's user mode. I'd like to keep the functionality in Push 2's live mode, and have Remotify's mappings show up when I push the "User" button on the Push. Thanks in advance!

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I did do some investigation into this a while back during an email conversation with Andri Soren who has a collection of amazing Ableton Push 2 tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AndriSoren/videos

The main problem was that I couldn't find a proper listener for when the push switches into user mode, which meant LEDs wouldn't immediately light up when user mode was activated.
Very annoying!
So I had to use a secondary button press on the Push 2 to reload the script.

I don't have time to revisit this at the moment, but here is my last message and script/controller template are attached, maybe it will make sense, maybe not...

when Push's User Mode is entered, the script's 'mode 1' is automatically reloaded
(this is done in the reaction named 'reload mode when setup or user buttons are pressed')
What this means is that anything LED related can be attached to the listener event 'mode is activated' and the LED will light up when user mode is entered.

In the script if you look in the reaction 'LED feedback for sess playback', you will see the listener 'mode is activated'
(see attached push user mode script.png)

This Reaction sets Pad 1 either to red or green depending on if playback is started or stopped in your session
The Reaction listens for either:
1 a change to the status of the playback button in Ableton OR
2 for Mode 1 to be activated in the script.

The reaction named 'reload mode when setup or user buttons are pressed'
simply reloads mode 1 when either the 'user mode' button or 'setup button' are pressed.
Unfortunately the slight delay of releasing the user button or pressing the setup button is still needed
However, I've added a third option, which is to touch the top of the top right encoder on the push
Touching the encoders on the push is effectively the same as a button press, which means we can map them to their own functions :) turning the encoder has its own separate Data.
Pressing the user button then touching the encoder feels a bit easier than pressing the setup button.
(see attached image: push 2 button.png)

RE: The pads on the Push
Unfortunately as the pads are velocity sensitive they send various velocity values when pressed. it's not possible to use other mapping types as they require specific MIDI velocity values.
So all pad based functionality will need to be done with reactions.

The script also has a Reaction which starts and stops playback using pad 1 on the Push.
Together with the LED feedback reaction we have bidirectional functionality.
If you haven't watch it yet I recommend this reactions overview tutorial: https://youtu.be/iYtotPDoa3k

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Thanks so much for your post, John - this is very helpful! I'll explore all of the above and see if it works with my flow; I'm now excited to invest some time here. And yes, I've checked out alot of Andri's videos in the past and he's an excellent teacher. Heading over to the reactions vid now :-) Peace, and much appreciation!