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please add these

Submitted by vishesche on Thu, 12/17/2020 - 08:42
Control Surface Studio User

please add track monitoring, track audio/midi from and track audio/midi to controls.

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4 Responses


Forum Admin

Hi, this should hopefully be available with the next update to the Reaction mapping type.

Control Surface Studio User

thanks but what is the reaction mapping type, perhaps its the only thing idid not understand while making my script, rest seems pretty straightforward, can you please tell me what reaction type is ?

Forum Admin

The Reaction mapping type is a way to basically create your own actions in your script.
It will be getting a major overhaul soon in order to make it easier to use and more powerful in what you have access to within Live.
Some tutorials on using it:

Gustavo Machado Volpiano
Control Surface Studio User

please add a play/stop function. It toggles between playing and stopping