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motorized faders

Submitted by jonxfm on Fri, 01/13/2023 - 06:09
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Can somebody please help me with a comprehensive guide on how to get motorized faders working properly? I've got the icon platform M.

Searching for motorized faders on this forum gives me a few results, all with pretty vague suggestions. Here is one from John.

"Sending LED feedback / midi velocity to the controls should activate the motorized faders. This can be done using the standards midi mapping types in CSS."

Ok. So within the track selector, I have a 'volume' mapping. There is an 'LED Feedback' setting. I've set this to 'custom' and 'send feedback' to 'yes'.

Now as far as "sending midi velocity to the controls", I have no idea how to do that. I am assuming this is suggesting to use reactions, which seem to go a bit over my head. What does 'to the controls' mean? To the fader? What 'midi velocity'? That doesn't appear to be an option anywhere in the reactions section.


^ The timestamp at this video is the closest thing I can find to 'sending midi velocity to the controls', but this doesn't seem to work for me.

Thanks :)

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I have FULL functionality on my Behringer Motor 61 and/or Motor 49 but there is NO additional effort needed to get 'motor faders working'

You need to specify REMOTE (in MIDI Preferences) for your controler - OUT and IN. the fader is sending a value, and the software is sending back that value which should move the fader according to the device's functionality - not the script's.

Let me know if that helped.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi picky-picasso, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have remote set for in and out of course. I did discover something though while testing again for this reply...

I have a session box of 8 tracks, a 'channel left' and a 'channel right' button, that move the session box by 1 track in either direction, those both work fine.

If I make a new 'track selector', for track 1, relative to session box, add a 'volume' inside that and map it to fader 1, it works perfectly fine. I can move the session box around, and fader 1 will always recognize the current ableton fader position of the first channel within the session box. Perfect.

However, once I add fader 2, things start to get weird. I've made a second 'track selector', for track 2, relative to session box, added a 'volume' inside of that, and assigned it to fader 2. This fader does not recognize the current position of track 2 inside of the session box. When I move the fader, it will jump back to a random position as soon as I let go of it.

Two things immediately came to mind that could be the issue:

1.) The physical motorized fader itself
- In order to test that the fader itself isn't broken, I've reversed my mappings, where 'track selector 1' has it's 'volume' set to be controlled by fader 2. This works perfectly fine. Fader 2 will recognize the current volume position of whatever is track 1 inside the session box. So, the physical fader isn't broken.

2.) The particular MIDI CC value I've assigned to it.
- I've tried setting my faders to several unused MIDI CC values on several channels. CC20-28 on channel 7, CC20-28 on channel 16, CC102-111 on channel 15, whatever. It doesn't appear to make any difference at all., so I don't think the MIDI CC values I'm trying is causing the issue.

Any ideas?

Forum Admin

Do you have any other mapping in the script or in Ableton's internal mapping mode which could be conflicting with it?

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Hi John, thanks for the reply.

I've reduced the script to just a session box and 2 track selectors with volume controls for this. As for ableton, I have all midi controller settings empty besides the CSS script, no custom set MIDI mappings, no other midi controllers plugged in. For what it's worth, I'm not using a Motor 61, I'm using a Platform M+. I've attached the .json file for my script exported through CSS here, in case that helps.

upload files: 
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I will put a little time into a CSS script for the Motor faders ASAP.. (I think I was WebApp last time) Maybe I haven't used it in Live 11? I had -as usual - something super complicated, but I'll just try faders and knobs for the first 8 tracks so I can verify that it's pretty simple. I still think it should be.

Fair enough? (Watch this space . . .)

Control Surface Studio User

I would love to hear if somebody managed to implement the use of Platform M or Faderport motor faders ?