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MFT - how to change what button clicks do?

Submitted by BillW on Fri, 07/07/2023 - 21:48
Control Surface Studio User

MFT - Right now my MFT Button Click mutes my channels. But I want to change it to toggle the Effects Sends on or off. Or maybe even turn specific channel effects on or off. That would work too.

Basically I want to turn sends to audio loopers/echo on or off.

Do I change this in CSS or do I monkey with the Midi assignments in Live?


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Control Surface Studio User

You can only change this in css. All controls used by css are exklusive an non mappable in ableton.

Control Surface Studio User

Thx - so I added a Send mapping and set it to Send 1 but the MFT knob turns both the Volume and the send. How can I separate them? I want to be able to control the tracks volume independently from whether that track's signal goes through the looper.

I guess the goal is to be able to record something into a loop and then play over it without adding more to the loop.

Control Surface Studio User

Seems like you have now two mappings on one button.
If you want to use the same physical control for 2 different actions you need a way to switch between modes.

That depends on your wants;
I would use the push Buttons on MFT to set modes.
So control 1 does volume(mode 1), but if you push it down and turn it its send 1 (mode 2)

Control Surface Studio User

Look here for wims great reply on the same topic, near to the end of the thread.