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Looper Status Led / Midi Feedback

Submitted by VZI on Sat, 12/04/2021 - 23:28
Control Surface Studio User

hey guys, can someone please help me and explain how to generate midi notes corresponding to the state of abletons looper!
i can´t get my head around with reactions 2. cause there is not really an option to select other than decive - state.
the looper device is unfortunately not listed in the devices dropdown menu.
i need to get visual feedback. ideally on rgb leds but as well on simple one colour leds.(maybe with a blinking light option for overdubbing/recording?) or i could spread the functions / status as well on multiple leds.
each one for rec, ovdb, play,stop. but i really need at least some visual feedback for abletons looper...
i would even pay extra for that function!!!!

btw: really like css so far! my setup is pretty crazy big now but it still works like charm!!
thinking back now, the time i saved is nothing compared to what it costs...

anyway, hope someone can help me.. or at least guide me a bit

edit: just quickly to explain my needs:
4 pads from a roland spd sx are mapped to abletons looper (rec,undo,clear, track mute)
and the roland drumpad has little red leds built in for every pad.... and with these ones i wanna see the looper status

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Forum Admin


Some things to help you:
To send LED feedback you probably need to send MIDI velocity value to your controller (not note)
In reactions you send velocity value using the action:
midi controller > send midi velocity value to input

The looper's state is available from (i think) device parameter 1
And I think the states are something like: 0 = off, 1 = recording, 2 = playing (or something like that anyway).
You can check that by using this script: https://remotify.io/ableton-midi-script/log-device-parameter-names

You could then create a reaction which does this:
when looper state changes (i.e. device parameter 1 changes)
In an Action...
condition : if parameter 1 value is == 1
Action: send velocity value i.e. 127 to controller input

Control Surface Studio User

hey John, first off all thank you very much for taking the time and helping / guiding me out!
so, i tried to get it working for 6 hours in total! but unfortunately no success...

i was definitely not wasted time cause now i really got my head around it and it seems to be really easy now but still...
i got my send velocity value working!
and it works if i choose a listener with another function but the "device parameter -> state has changed" function is not working... (and i tried "value has changed" too)

because of the script you did send me i found out that you were right!
The state of the looper is device parameter number 1 (i even tried different numbers and even with 0 which should be on/off but i had no sucess)
and the state value is 0-empty / 1-rec / 2-play / 3-overdub according to the log

i tried to make 4 times the same listener with 4 different conditions for every state, tried it with 1 and even without a condition i just dont get a velocity sending to a midi controller....

i was on the live 11 beta version first but then i found out with live 11 i have to constantly close and open live to make changes effective, then i installed live 10 for working on the script... no sucess

i tried the script in an empty live set with just one track containing one looper just avoid

so i´m not sure what to do now.. it feels i tried every single setting

and it would be such a drastic help for me and my looping band cause i could use this function for every band member!!
atm they are looping kind of blind... we had extra screens but that was always a big hustle...

again i´m more than happy to pay/tip you with this topic cause i make my living with my ableton looping set since 8 years so i´m happy to invest for my setup cause reliability is very very important for me!

thank you very very much in advance for any help!!!

Control Surface Studio User

hey guys ,
so, i did invest another 3 hours and it seems
that the listener just cant read the "device parameter -> state value function
i tried it on different midi controllers, tried it with live 10,11,11 beta and i even switched to my editing windows pc and i literally tried every single setting but i just cant get led feedback with the state value function. (btw im on a mbp m1 2020)
The "name" has changed and "value" has changed doesn´t work either... ??? but for example i do get the led feedback when i try it with selected parameter -> state has changed (select the looper and switch it on/off)
i have no clue anymore what i should try
it´s so silly but that little function to actually see what the looper is doing means the world to me!!!!
again, i´m happy to pay! i just want that thing working!!!!
sorry for moaning
have a blessed day!

ps: i still f**** love CSS !!!
could not live without it!

Forum Admin


Aww man, I feel your pain :(
I'm little swamped at the minute but I'll add this to the top of my list and hopefully figure out the problem - it sounds like you're very close (and I'm pretty certain that the listener should be working).


Control Surface Studio User

Hey John,
thank you so much for taking the time to help me out !!!
and i´m really not saying that the listener isn´t working!
puh it´s just ... i don´t know
after putting so much effort into this thing i am really curious why it´s not working
have a nice day

Forum Admin

I'll get to the bottom of this, don't worry :)

Forum Admin


After investigating, we have found the problem...
The code being generated for device parameter listeners is incorrect - which is why listeners will not work!
While we work on a solution, here's how you can fix it:
Switch the listener to 'custom code' mode and delete the following piece of code: chains[0].
That includes the full stop after it too! :)
See the attached screenshot.

Control Surface Studio User

Hey John, thank you soooo much for your investigation!!!
Finally it´s working!!!
And with touchosc combined it´s literally what i´ve been looking for years!!!
Now we have a fully configurable midi controller with unbeliebale potential (thanks to reactions) wirelessly on an old iphone!! working super nice and pretty much in real time!!!
i still have here and there some problems but nothing i cant figure out myself!
otherwise you will hear from me ;-)
Thanks again, you made me really happy!!!

Forum Admin

Thank you so much VZI, that's brilliant to hear!!
Would love to see this in action :)

Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

I just found this thread when having the same issue, removing .chains[0] helped me too.

However I have another issue with device parameter listeners and I'm not sure if it's some other thing being generated wrong here or if it's me... but if I use modifiers instead of track number here it just won't work. like:

This is fine:

but not this (even though m2 is set to 4):

It will just listen to the device parameter in track 0.

In the action I use these modifiers to set leds from using these modifiers (m1-m8) so I know they are correct and all, the knobs each controls their led but I have to turn the knobs on track 0 for them to update (IF if use modifiers for that listener instead of just numbers.)

Control Surface Studio User

Does anyone have a script they can share for reference? I've tried hundreds of combinations of settings and still can't get the LED feedback to work for Looper.

I've attached a stripped down version of my script if anyone is willing to take a look. There is a Reactions that is named Reaction Looper Status, which is my final attempt at getting the feedback to the button/LED.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!