Adding LED Feedback

In version 2.5 of Control Surface Studio we added Custom LED Feedback options for Controllers, Scripts and the vast majority of Mapping Types.

Controller Level: Default LED Feedback Settings

LED Feedback works in a hierarchical way. 

Each Controller has its own Default LED On and LED Off settings. If all other settings are set to ‘Default’ (at the Script and Mapping Levels which we will explain next) then these settings will be used.

controller level feedback

Script/Global LED Settings

You can override the Controller's LED settings at the Script Level by changing it’s ‘Global Feedback’ option from ‘Default’ to ‘Custom’. When you do this, 3 options appear which allow you to turn LED Feedback on/off globally for the Script and set new Global LED On /Off values for the script.

script / global level LED Feedback

Mapping Level LED Feedback

You can get even more granular still by setting an individual Mapping Type’s ‘LED Feedback’ section to ‘Custom’. This will override the Global/Script LED settings for that specific Mapping only. 
So for example, you could turn LED Feedback off globally for the script (at the script level) but turn feedback on for 1 specific mapping (at the mapping level). 

Mapping Level Feedback

Mapping Level LED Feedback allow the most flexibility. As well as the ability to turn Feedback on/off and set LED On/Off Values for a specific Mapping, you can send the Feedback to other Inputs on your Controller that are not connected to the Mapping in any way. 
You can even send the Feedback to multiple MIDI Controller Inputs if you need to! In your Script, add a new ‘Play’ Mapping to your Script by clicking on the ‘Add’ icon next to Mode. 

In the Tempo Mapping’s Settings Form, select ‘Button 1’ as the Controller Input and change ‘LED Feedback’ from Default to Custom. You can now set the Velocity Values to send to your MIDI Controller’s Input when Live’s is Playing (LED On) and when Live is Stopped (LED Off). 
Feedback is Bi-Directional meaning that LEDs on your Controller will update from either a UI event within Live (i.e. you press Play with the computer cursor) OR when you press the Conroller’s Input which is assigned to the Play Button. Leaving the option 'Send Feedback to' 'Controller Input' means that the Feedback will sent to input you have selected in 'Controller Input'.

Modes, Tracks, Devices and Parameter Banks Feedback

These also have their own LED Feedback settings. They fire when the item is activated/selected and de-activated/selected. Their 'send feedback' option is set to 'Off' by default. As with other Mapping Feedback you can select any input on your Controller to send Feedback to.

A Mode's feedback settings