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Issues with 2 sessions boxes in 1 mode

Submitted by siejeje on Sat, 10/21/2023 - 00:19
Control Surface Studio User

Hi! First of all thank you for this great software, it is a game changer for my live setup.
I am struggling though with setting up 2 sessions boxes in one mode for APC40 mk2.
I can create 2 session boxes for different areas of pad matrix and they both work as expected but apparently it breaks the mode functionality.
When I try to change mode from 1 to 2 I get message in Live's status bar: "Mode 1 is removed" and plenty of error lines are spit out in log.txt (see the attached screenshot).
At the same time the red box for the first session box disappears (I know the red box for second session box will not be visible anyway, but that's ok).
When I edit the script and assign second session box to mode 2 then everything works properly, I can switch the modes and the message in status bar is "Mode 1 is active" or "Mode 2 is active" respectively but I really need these 2 boxes in one mode.
Can anyone help me out with this?

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3 Responses


Forum Admin

It's only possible to have 1 visible session box per script.

If you want to have 2 session boxes at the same time, you can try:
1. create 2 separate scripts and assign both of them to the same midi controller in Ableton's preferences.
2. Also, the buttons/knobs etc on the APC would need to split into separate controller templates. So split the controller template controls into 2 separate templates. ie.. put half in one template and half in the other. Then assign 1 each of those to each of your scripts.

Control Surface Studio User

The thing is that I already have 2 sessions boxes working correctly within 1 script, although just one redbox is visible (I'm fine with that). No need to create separate script/template to achieve this but ONLY when you don't intend to use modes because when the mode is changed strange things happen.
Unfortunately I don't have spare control surface slot in Ableton to implement your solution so for now I will live with just one mode. Hopefully this will get fixed somewhere in the future.

Forum Admin

Yes its possible to have a second invisible box, this is more of a strange quirk than anything. Unfortunately we only support the usage of 1 active session box per script.