Installing your Script in Ableton Live

To install your Script into Ableton Live, click the Orange Install button located to the right of your script name. The message “New Script Installed Successfully” will be displayed in a green box on the right hand side.

click the install button and see success message

Open Ableton Live, then in the Preferences Menu open the MIDI Tab. In one of the free Control Surface Menus, find and select your Script name. To ensure you don’t overwrite the default scripts provided by Live, Scripts created with Control Surface Studio are prefixed with ‘css ’ . This means our Script 'Step by Step Tutorial’ will be listed as ‘css Step by Step Tutorial’.

selecting your script in Ableton Live's preferences

Select your MIDI Controller in the ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ options.

select controller input and output

In the MIDI Ports area, turn Track and Remote on for both the ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ of your Script. Close the preferences Menu.

turn on midi ports track and remote

Your MIDI Controller will now have Undo Functionality. Make some changes in your Live Session and try hitting your custom Undo Button. If you are having difficulty getting your Script to work or even display in Live's preferences, we will be covering Broken Scripts a little further on in the Broken Scripts Tutorial.