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Installing Scripts to Live Spotty

Submitted by FunkMonkey33 on Sat, 06/03/2023 - 01:30
Control Surface Studio User

I was pulling my hair out, wondering why my script changes weren't taking effect.

I tried creating a new Live project, as suggested in the "Refresh" section of https://remotify.io/product/control-surface-studio/documentation/step-by....

I also tried closing Live and re-opening it.

Finally, I went to my Remote Scripts folder, and deleted my CSS script, then went back into CSS and installed it again. I had to close Live and re-open it to see the script, but once I did, my changes were there.

Does anyone else have this problem? Could it be that the script is in use when Live is running?


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2 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

1. At the Moment you have to reopen ableton to get a script updated

2. Sometimes CSS Bugs out (1 of 50 times) and i have to delete the script manually in the midi remote folder.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi FunkMonkey33,
I use Live 10 to write Remotify scripts because in Live 10 you only have to reopen the als-file (or set the als-file you are working on as default and do a CTRL + N) for the script to get updated.
Once I finished the script, I port it to Live 11
It makes testing my scripts much faster.