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Does CSS "Install" in Windows

Submitted by Bradford Ross-MacLeod on Fri, 12/30/2022 - 01:06
Bradford Ross-MacLeod
Control Surface Studio User

I download the Windows version from Remotify. And the getting started says "Double click on this and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Application as you normally would for your Operating System." But when I double click on it nothing installs to Windows. The app starts up from the downloaded file.

Is this the right behavior? Am I just misreading the idea that it "installs to Windows"?

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Forum Admin

Hi, yes Control Surface Studio is compatible with Windows. Just make sure to download the windows version (.exe)

Bradford Ross-MacLeod
Control Surface Studio User

You misunderstand. I was under the impression from the documentation that the download from CSS would install the software in the Windows system. However, it seems that the download IS the application itself. This is a bit confusing to me.