DJTT Midi Fighter Twister

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Midi fighter Twister encoders

DJTT Midi Fighter Twister

DJ TechTools' minimalist style controller features 16 hi-resolution and chunky ‘Chroma Cap’ encoders.

Its soft rubber texture are great for gripping and give controlling Live parameters a professional feel. Each encoder also has its own push button function, effectively doubling the amount of functionality on an already jam packed device.

There are also 4 banks available for the buttons and encoders which can be accessed by pressing the side buttons (3 on either side). In terms of feedback display, each button and rotary encoder has its own LED feedback area which can be updated when you switch to different controls in Ableton Live.

The encoders have their own LED rings and the buttons have full RGB displays.

It’s ergonomic layout makes no assumptions about how you will be using the controller with your software and its small 6 inch by 6 inch size makes it an ideal controller to slot into your Ableton Live setup.

Usage with Control Surface Studio & Ableton Live 

Our pre-configured CSS Midi Fighter Twister controller file provides a fully mapped 4 bank setup. It includes a large selection of LED Feedback colour assignments.

To build your own custom Ableton MIDI Script for the Midi Fighter Twister, simply download and import the controller file into your copy of Control Surface Studio.

Also checkout our custom built Ableton Midi Script: SendStorm, it gives you control over the selected track's 12 sends, volume, panning, mute, solo, arm and much more. It's free to download and install into Control Surface Studio.


For use in Control Surface Studio Ableton MIDI Script Editor

The 4 available banks for the Midi Fighter Twister
List of LED feedback colour assignments for the twister