Device Parameter Controls

All mappable Device Controls in Live are referred to as 'Device Parameters' in Control Surface Studio. You add Device Parameters in groups, by creating ‘Parameter Bank’ Mappings.

Parameter banks and Device Parameters

To add a Parameter Bank, click the Device’s Add button (+) and select ‘Parameter Bank’. In the Settings Form, select the number of Parameters which you want this Bank to contain. You will see the selected number of ‘Device Parameters’ appear as children of the Bank.

Add Device Parameters

Open a Device Parameter’s Settings Form. Set ‘Select parameter by’ to number '1'. This will select the first Parameter in the Device. This number can be any you like, which means you’re not limited to the first 8 Parameters of a Device.

Select Parameter by number

The other Options in the Settings were explained earlier in 'Adding a Selected Track Volume Mapping’.

Exposing Parameters from a Plugin

For Device Parameters to have access Plugin Parameters, you need to expose the Parameters you want to use in Live itself. To do this, in Live click the arrow in the header, turn ‘Configure’ on, then select the Parameters you want to use and they will appear in the Device. The order that they are listed can be used for selecting Parameters with 'Select parameter by’ which we talked about above.

Exposing plugin Parameters