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CSS Studio Seems Unstable

Submitted by plux on Sun, 11/05/2023 - 18:25
Control Surface Studio User

I am a brand new user (purchased today), been looking for something like this for years to make all of my mapping dreams come true!
I work in AV with Audio DSP's all the time so I'm quite familiar with how builing logic systems like this works.

I seem to be having an issue with performance.. the app is VERY sluggish and I have to constantly wait before I do anything, in this instance I'm adding / configuring mappings.

I can't get very far with the mappings, after a while the program seems to have had enough and present me with a full white screen. The only way to get rid of the white screen is to restart CSS and reenter my password.. which usually means I've lost my progress. It happens every 5-10 minutes.

System info attached - perhaps theres a visualc++ or python module needed that's causing issues?

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Control Surface Studio User

Update: I downloaded to my Desktop PC running windows 10 and the app works phenomenal! I will use that to develop scripts until I hear back from support.


Control Surface Studio User

Further update, I ran into the exact same issue on my other PC. please help!

Control Surface Studio User

One last update -clearing my log.txt file fixes the issue. Thanks to support for clearing that up!

Forum Admin

Hi all,

Just to confirm what has already been said here,

If CSS is running slow for you, this is usually because the log.txt file has become large.
As CSS constantly monitors the contents of the log.txt file, the bigger it is, the more resource intensive it is for CSS to monitor.

If you experience this issue:
Click the clear button in the bottom right section of the Script Editor screen (see attached image)
Open the log.txt file directly, delete its contents and click save.

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Control Surface Studio User

Ive just purchased and im instantly having the same issue, let me know if it happens again to you.

Im on a mac studio m2 max, 12 core 32gb ram.

Logs are only 9mb, the interface is extremely slow like 1-2 second response when i'm in the scripting area trying link scripts to the interface.

Controller area seems to have no noticeable delay although ive only tried a super basic mapping 4 pads and faders

Forum Admin

Did you clear your log? 9mb is a lot.