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CSS Midi Monitor clashing with Live?

Submitted by fatphil on Tue, 04/11/2023 - 22:03
Control Surface Studio User

I'm using Live 10.1. on Windows 10. I have the same problem with Live 11

I've noticed that when CSS 2.7 is running at the same time as Live sometimes my midi settings in Live go orange (signaling a problem). See screenshot.

To fix it I've tried several things.
- Toggle the track & remote buttons
- Remove and re-add the inputs and outputs for the control surface.
- Quit CSS,
- Unplug and replug these USB devices.

This is happening to both the nanoKontrol2 (which I've created a very simple session box script for) and also the Novation Luanchkey mini that has its own manufacturer's script.

It never happened before using CSS.
Also the CSS Midi monitor doesn't always show all my devices.

Unfortunately this makes it a bit unusable at the moment.

Any ideas?

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Control Surface Studio User


this happens for me aswell. There is no fix as i read in another Post, but a workaround.

Open Ableton FIRST, if the midi controller u use is red in the preference menu then tick sync two times and it stays white (and used by Ableton).

REASON WHY this happens:
Some Midi Controller only allow 1 connection instance. Most Akai controller work like that. so if CSS is opened first, the midi monitor uses this 1 connection and Ableton sees the controller, but cant get connection.

The Midi Monitor is deep integrated in CSS and cant be switched off.

Control Surface Studio User

If you opened First Ableton, connect to the Midi controller and then open css you can open and close Ableton without doing these steps again.
The game starts again when you change the script name.

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks @trololololol that's a bit of a pain.

This makes it really slow if using Live 11 as we (currently) have to restart live each time we update a script.

> "The Midi Monitor is deep integrated in CSS and cant be switched off."
I noticed a restart button on CSS. would that be enough to get it to release the midi connection? Maybe not for long enough?

I'd like to disable the midi monitor until needed. I don't need it 90% of the time!

I'll give your ideas a go. Thanks again :o)

Control Surface Studio User


yes, this makes ist slower. but just for the first start. The restart button doesnt terminate the old midi connection. seems like this connection instance problem is rooted in the controller driver. I got a lot of controllers and some of them can stand multiple listeners. Most of them dont.

(for example you can check your midi over ethernet connection ALC i think its called on a mac. this driver is able to connect to multiple instances and shows up in Ableton as well as CSS)

You cant disable the midi monitor, this was said by the developer many times in different comments.