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CSS 2.8.2 is now available!

Submitted by Remotify Team on Wed, 11/01/2023 - 11:41
Remotify Team
Forum Admin

We're super excited to announce that version 2.8.2 of Control Surface Studio is now available.
This update is mainly focused on changes to the session box, which now allows for navigating across visible tracks AND return tracks.
"Relative track" settings have been rebuilt in order to match this. LED feedback for the session box has also been greatly improved.

  • Blue hand is now added to device selections and added option to turn on/off “device selection follows track selection” - in the script settings form.


  • Session box now navigates across visible tacks AND return tracks
  • To coincide with Session box change. Relative track selection For track and device mapping types  now use “visible tracks” and “return tracks” which match the session box position. This is the same for “relative track” selection in Reactions.
    • User will need to reselect track type for listeners/conditions/actions in order to get the new relative track code
  • Device Navigation’ mapping type improved for ‘Absolute’ knobs. Device selections for this are now spread across the full range of the knob
  • Device Navigation: added new option to auto collapse not selected devices and expand the selected device (absolute controls only)
  • Device parameters now work better with knob style controls. Including on/off parameter buttons
  • “Pickup” is now improved when controlling various device & mixer parameters.
  • Improved LED feedback from parameters.


  • Session box LED feedback
  • When script is disconnected, LEDs on midi controller now turn off.
  • Session box Navigation feedback. Buttons will send the “on” value to the input when there are tracks to move to and  will send the “off” value when there are no more tracks to move to.
  • logging table for “get value from ranges”
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