Controlling Live's Highlighted Track

Click the Mode's 'Add Mapping' Button (+) and select the 'Highlight Navigation’ Mapping.

Select Highlight Navigation Mapping

For ‘Navigate’ you can choose to Control Track or Scene Highlight Navigation, select Track. For the next Select List, select ‘Scroll’.

Select Track and Scroll

If you picked ‘Select track/scene number’ option here, you can use it to move the highlight to a specific track or scene. For Controller Input, Select 'Knob 1’.

Using Increment to move the Highlight Position

As we talked about earlier in 'Overriding Default Control Options', if you wanted to use buttons to move the highlight, For Control, choose ‘Custom’ and select either ‘Increment’ (Move right/down), or ‘Decrement’ (Move left/up). For ‘Steps’ you can choose how many Tracks or Scenes you want to move by when you press the button.

Using a Button to increment the Highlight position