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control the selected track

Submitted by ruckland_space on Wed, 11/16/2016 - 18:09
Free User

Hey Remotify,

I followed the tutorial you sent to me and now have a working midi script, thanks for that!
Can you tell me how I add controls for the selected track in Ableton. I want to be able to control the sends and volume of whichever track I've selected, is this possible?

Thank you.

4 Responses


Forum Admin

Hi there,

Yep, selected track control is a major part of our pro features.
With it you can control all mixer controls of the currently highlighted track. So you'll have access to volume, mute, solo, arm, pan, all 12 sends. Plus you can control any Device parameters on the selected track too.
Does that help?



Free User

Wow this looks like a really amazing app!
If I make a script which does this can I also have some controls on it that use the session box too or does it all have to be related to the selected track?

Forum Admin

Of course. There's nothing stopping you from combining session box control and selected track control together into one big script. :)

Free User

Excellent, I can't wait to try this out!!