(Video) Combine your midi controllers into one all conquering mega controller!

We’re happy to announce ‘combination mode’ for your session boxes. This great new option gives you the ability to connect up to 6 midi controllers together inside Ableton and move them around your session as though they're one unified controller. You're no longer limited to the inputs available on just one controller, now you can combine different types of midi controllers together.

Here's a handy example: a launchpad for a set of 16x16 clip launching pads, a midi fighter twister for 16 endless encoders , and a Korg Nano Kontrol 2 for some faders and transport controls.

These will stay in sync, moving around your Ableton session and controlling the same tracks relative to each other.
midi controllers connected together
How much would you usually have to pay to have a single midi controller with that much functionality? Turn your modular setup into one powerful piece of kit and control Ableton exactly how you need to.

How does combination mode work?

As this is Remotify, we've made combination mode super simple to use. When creating a session box in Remotify, simply turn combination mode on and save your script.
turn on combination mode
After importing into Ableton, the sesssion box will automatically be linked together with any other available session boxes that have combination mode turned on and moving one session box will move others as well!
multiple session boxes moving together in combination mode

Using offset with Combination Mode

Offset is another new feature which allows you to place your session box in a specific place when your script first loads. If you want your controllers to control the exact same tracks then you can stack the session boxes on top of each other. Or you could have one controlling the first 8 tracks and another on track 9 - 16. Turning two, 8 track controllers into one massive 16 track goliath! This is done by simply selecting a left offset of a midi remote script to 16 and using it with your second controller.
intial offset select list

Using Offset, Combination mode & shift / mode activation

Offset positions of session boxes can be set on a per mode basis too.
mode offset select list

So when switching to a new mode via a shift or mode activation button you have a number of options:
  • Move the session box to a specific place in Ableton.
  • Turn off/on combination mode meaning you could move the box independently from the others while in that mode.
  • Or keep the box in combination mode and in its current position but change what your controller’s inputs do.
This new versatility in Remotify creates yet another set of awesome ways you can control Ableton using your equipment. We’re super excited to see what amazing ideas you all come up with!