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Clip Color Accurate LED Feedback for Session Box - Traktor F1

Submitted by njm on Wed, 05/24/2023 - 03:38
Control Surface Studio User

Hi All

new used first time posting.
Ive managed to build a custom script for a Traktor F1 and super happy.
the only thing I cannot figure out is if its possible to have the LED feedback within the session box to be color accurate to the clips it represents?
similar to APC40

eg. in ableton I may have a red clip on track one and a blue clip on track two next to it
so on the traktor in the session box it would show the red and blue in those corresponding pads and if I say moved down then the led feedback would also move accordingly?

Im essentially looking for a way to visually identify different tracks within the session box so I dont have to look at the laptop screen.
(i toured for year with an aopc40 and just color coded each track red and blue so I knew when a new color showed up as i scrolled down that it was the next tracks clip. essentially trying to recreate this workflow on a smaller controller)

thanks in advance to anyone who bothered to read this and anyone who has some helps.

Nick :)

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Control Surface Studio User
Control Surface Studio User

I mean clip colors. But before u stress out i hope for a easy version if the New update arrives