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cant set live version

Submitted by jason on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 23:04
Control Surface Studio User

I havent been able to select a version for my live. What do I need to do to get it set?
Also I dont know if its related but with the newest update ableton does not show the script in the preferences if I push the install button from CSS. It worked with the previous version even without the version not being set.

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Pro User

Yes having the same problem. Since the update the CSS generated script doesn’t appear in the Live control surface preferences. I can see it when I open the remote script folder but it doesn’t appear in the Live preferences.

Pro User

Maikoos there îs already a post about that - a solved one

Forum Admin

Hi guys,

I'm not sure why you can't set the version, I just tested this on my Windows machine and it works fine.
After setting the 'Ableton Live Location', the App will automatically look for all Live versions in the following folder:
Please check if this is where the Live version folders are stored on your computer.

If this is not the correct location, you can manually enter this in the settings.json file.
Go to your home directory, then Control Surface Studio > settings > settings.json
Enter the correct location for 'live version'
(see the attached screenshot)
Make sure you follow the same format, entering 2 slashes for each directory.

As long as you have set the correct location for 'MIDI Remote Script Folder' and 'log.txt' files, then not having the Live version set is not really a problem. It's only used to auto set the location of the log.txt file.

It will be interesting to know if your Live version folder is located in a different place, so please do let me know if this is correct.


Control Surface Studio User

I do have all my user files set to a different storage drive than my programs- D:\Users\jason\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 9.7.7
I made the change in the json file and there is no longer a red notification, but the version is still not shown in the settings panel.

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Forum Admin

In the JSON file, make sure you are using double slashes \\
D:\\Users\\jason\\AppData\\Roaming\\Ableton\\Live 9.7.7
It sounds to me like the path you have added can't be found (which is why the options are still blank).
If that doesn't work, try adding slashes on the end too:
D:\\Users\\jason\\AppData\\Roaming\\Ableton\\Live 9.7.7\\

Control Surface Studio User

I'm having the same issue. I can't find the settings.json file on Windows.

Forum Admin

The settings.json file will be inside 'control surface studio/settings/' inside your operating system's home or user directory.

Control Surface Studio User

Make sure you are running Control Surface Studio as Administrator. I had the same issue selecting the Live ver. and that worked for me in Win10. Right click on the .exe and select 'Run as Administrator'.