Adding a Track Mapping

About Tracks (Track Selectors)

Track Mapping Types are not Mappings in the same way that the Undo mapping is for example. They are settings where you select the Track which all child mappings will use. Mapping Types such as Volume, Panning & Devices are all child Mappings of Tracks, which means they use the settings you configure in your Track Mapping.

Adding a Selected Track Mapping

Click the Mode's 'Add' button and select the ‘Track’ Mapping.

add a track mapping

In the Track’s Settings Form, rename it to ‘Selected Track' Then for the ’Type’ option, select the ’Selected’ option. All other options in the Settings Form will become disabled.

Track Settings Form

All child Mappings of this Track will now control the Selected Track (highlighted track) in Ableton Live.

Adding a Selected Track Volume Mapping

Click the Track’s Plus (+) Icon and select the Volume Mapping Type.

add a volume mapping

Name it ‘Selected Track Volume’ You can keep the Minimum and Maximum set to their default options of 0% and 85%. 85% is 0db in Ableton Live. Set snapping to ‘On’. How snapping works is, for example, if the Volume Parameter in Live is on 6db and you move your Knob, with Snapping on and your Maximum set to 85%(0db), the Volume will instantly jump to 0db and then move in line with your knob position. If Snapping is ‘Off’ then the Volume will only respond when it is within your Minimum and Maximum settings.

minimum maximum and snapping settings

For Controller Input, select the Knob you want to use from your attached Controller.

Controller Input setting

Leave 'Control' as Default. You now have a Volume Mapping which will control the Selected Track in Ableton Live. Click the Install button next to your Script, and your installed Script will update with these changes. To see the changes in Live you will need to refresh it first. There are a couple of ways to do this which we will explain in the next tutorial.